Peace Within

Create Peace With Your Past

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A creative journey to freedom, wellness and personal peace within.

What People Are Saying...

“It was so wonderful to paint, my spirit was inspired and I felt blessed…” 

Dalia I. Intuitive Life Coach.

A Creative Journey...

Crown Chakra - Connect with your Angels and Spirit Guides.


Clear your blocks around money and abundance.

 "Abundance on a Page"

Clear your emotional centres (your chakras).

Your 8 Energy Centres cleared and balanced.

About Me

Hi, I'm Jenny McFadden. 

I'm an Intuitive Life-Purpose Specialist and Business Coach. 

And I'm an Artist, trained Teacher and Energy Medicine expert. 

I love, love, love working with the conscious woman to empower her to discover her soul purpose, tune in and trust her intuitive guidance, and use her powerful creative energy to manifest the prosperous, healthy and joyful future she's been dreaming of, and deserves.

I'd love to meet you too.

Jen xo

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