Intuitive Living with Your Angels

  • Curious to know your Guides and connect with your Angels?
  • Enjoy exploring your intuition, receiving healing and being creative?
  • Want help with direction or with decision making?

“I DECIDED TO LIVE WITH MY HEART AND INTUITION… I got fantastic practical tools and techniques to connect to my angels and guides, something I am truly appreciative and grateful for in the evolution of me. Tania. Life Coach. Sydney, Australia.

Intuitive Living With Your Angels

Frustrated you can't hear your intuition? 

Want to receive messages and healing from your Angels but don't know how, or never find the time?

Here's what you'll learn:

  • How to tune in and receive messages from your Angels and Guides and receive their healing,
  • How to fully trust your intuitive messages so you'll act upon them and move forward,
  • How to use your creative energy to clear old blocks and journey to your future to manifest love, wellbeing and abundance.

When you put them all together it's like having your own Angel GPS to navigate all the twists and turns of your life,

Intuitive Living is open till January 31 2017.

Get in now for 3 bonus Meditations and an extra special gift to download - my Angel Astrology Guidebook.

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Imagine having Divine Guidance at your fingertips.

Intuitive Living with Your Angels will show you how to to tune in to your intuition, receive practical messages from your Angels and experience transformational healing

Here's what you get: 


Weekly energy reading (till Jan 31 2017.) Includes remote healing to balance your energy, Divine Guidance/ Angel messages and practical living tips. (eg meditation, intuition tips, healing processes etc.)


Monthly group Angel Healing Circle, live online, with a different guest Archangel every month. Feel their frequencies, receive healing, get a message, draw what comes to you! Replay available.


Get immediate access to ALL previous Angel Healing Circles and Guidance newsletters (with Intuition Tips, healing processes and channeled messages). 


3 x Intuitive Art tutorials. Create a stunning artwork that brings Intuition, Angel Healing and Creativity together.You create divine energy on a page. All on video with step by step instructions.


Receive 3 Bonus MP3 Meditations: Healing with Raphael; Abundance and Prosperity with Ariel and Raziel & Meditation to Receive Divine Guidance and Insight.


Everything is yours forever. Invaluable resources for accessing healing energy, recalling intuitive processes and creating sacred art.


"The first sensation I felt was that of being rocked (as if in a hammock)... I often wondered if this was the sensation of being “in the hands of God as I am cared for and supported”. And already I felt lighter. I felt the sensation of a hug and I automatically whispere din my head, “thank you” , and then “I love you”. 

"I had tears of joy that there is someone like you and our angels to remind me to stop, breathe in the abundant air and listen to my innermost peaceful self.


Use your creativity to inspire healing, connection and expansion.

Another part of the Intuitive Living program is the opportunity to use your creative abilities in a unique way.

I've developed a unique process that brings intuition, energy healing, divine guidance and creativity together.  

There are 3 Sacred Art Tutorials planned for 2016-7.

It's always easy to do, caters for all levels from beginners to advanced and is all on video in the Member's area. (And I usually use the same media al the time)

Here's a peek into the first, called "Into the Light." (There are still 2 more to come, and that's exciting because I never know what is going to show up for us to create!)

Every Sacred Art Tutorial has 2 parts:

  • Step 1. Guided visualisation or energy medicine clearing.
  • Step 2. Video tutorial (step by step instructions) to create your own personal Sacred Art.

YES! You can do this easily with my help! 

The moment you join you'll begin receving high frequency healing. 

HOW? Because our energies are entangled the flow of healing energy begins immediately.

There's nothing you have to do to receive all the benefits of this program.  

(well, except maybe creating your sacred art, you definitely have to do that yourself!).

Even if you never watch any videos or attend live, your commitment activates the flow of ALL the healing and knowledge to you.  

I began Intuitive Living in Feb 2016 and it runs until Jan 31 2017. All of it is available to your consciousness.

You might be wondering how you can receive healing that's happened in the past?

Simply because the law of the universe says there is no time or space, these are illusions. We've invented "time" to explain why things appear to change in our reality.

There is no past or future, there is only now.

So when you enrol, your consciousness will access the Intuitive Living energy field (not just the videos, meditations and tutorials!)  

Your consciousness will take whatever it needs from the field for your wellbeing and highest good.

But, because I know you want to be part of the process consciously, I will give you some instructions to find the "place" where you can experience this energy purposely.

After you've joined, simply set your intention by saying "I am now part of "Intuitive Living With Your Angels."

Then use the link you'll receive by email to go to the private Member's area, and watch one of the Live Healing Circle "replays" - with whichever Archangel calls you. There's a different Archangel energy every month, scan the video list. 

At the start of every live Angel Healing Circle there is a conscious guided process that connects you in and drops you into an interdimensional space. It's easy to do and profoundly relaxing. Not to mention, life changing!

Then you're IN.

See you there. xo. 

For a limited time, you'll receive the Angel Astrology Guidebook with your membership.

When you join you'll receive this fun, magical Angel Astrology Guidebook free, as my gift to you. 

Each week this guide will help you focus on creating magic in your life - through connecting with your intutive knowing, reading your Oracle, receving a message from your Guides, and setting a clear intention for the universe to follow.

There's a colour version for you to print out or you can chose the Black and White version and colour it yourself. You'll find it in the Member's area along with the videos, meditations and other awesome stuff.

Intuitive Living with Your Angels

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Here's a reminder of everything you get:

  • Weekly Energy Reading, Healing and Guidance
  • Monthly Live Archangel Healing Circle
  • Replays and Guidance newsletters in Members area
  • 3 Intuitive Art Tutorials for Healing and Connection
  • Closed Facebook Group to share experiences, find replays etc.
  • Support, Healing and Guidance through to Jan 31 2017
  • BONUS: 3 Meditations (MP3 downloads) 
  • Healing with Archangel Raphael 
  • Prosperity and Abundance with Ariel and Raziel 
  • Divine Guidance and Insight from your Guides
  • BONUS: Angel Astrology Guidebook
  • Immediate start and Lifetime access
  • Guarantee: I want you to be 100% happy with the quality of my program, or your money back.

" has been simply amazing...every month I sit down in my comfy chair, log-in to the live Healing Circle and away we go. ...I tend to go leap into another dimension very quickly and the energetic experience is a journey of love.

...what I am experiencing in the space between circles is simply astonishing...shifts and healings of long-held patterns seem to effortlessly occur as I live my life." 

Lorna Patten. Personal Development Coach. 

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